National Pet Fire Safety Day | Lucy’s Tales Houston

Each year the lives of approximately half a million companion animals are affected by fire in their home, with close to 1,000 of those incidents accidentally caused by a dog or cat. To extinguish the concerns of pet parents, the American Kennel Club and ADT Security have teamed up to tackle this hot topic by offering National Pet Fire Safety Day (July 15) with tips that will help to protect both the two-and four-legged members of your family:

  • Put out open flames: Make sure that no flame– be it from candles, cooking appliances or a fireplace– is within reach of your barking buddy or purring pal. A cat or dog can easily tip over a votive candle with their tail, so remember that no flame should ever be left unattended.
  • Purchase flameless candles: Offering the warm glow of a wick candle without the worry, the light of a flameless candle comes from a harmless light bulb.
  • Remove stove knobs, or use stove knob covers: Dogs and cats can accidentally turn the ignition knobs on a stove, which is the number one place for the origin of a house fire.
  • Use stainless steel or ceramic water bowls on wooden decks: Never leave a glass water bowl outdoors on a wooden deck! The shafts of sunlight which stream through the glass can act as a magnifying glass, heating up and igniting a fire. Opt for a ceramic or stainless steel pet bowl instead.
  • Keep your furry friend near the front door when you are not at home: Ensure that firefighters have easy access to your pets by keeping your canine or cat companion in rooms near your home’s entrance. To further aid firefighters, collars and leashes should also be at the ready in case of an emergency.
  • Keep puppies safe with a crate or baby gate: Keep curious young pets in a secure area of your home, far from any household item that may start a fire.
  • Install a monitored smoke detector: While battery-operated smoke alarms can alert pet parents of a fire while a person is at home, a smoke detector connected to a monitoring system allows emergency responders to be informed of a fire even if you are not present.
  • Inform firefighters of family pets with a pet alert window cling: Affix a sticker to a window at the front of your house alerting firefighters to the number of four-legged family members reside in your home

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