Lucy’s Tales… Elvis & Graceland in Memphis

Sad day…   34 years ago today Elvis Presley died in Memphis at his home, Graceland.  Last summer on my road trip with my mom, she took me to Graceland and I got to stand in front of the famous gate!   Graceland was so pretty even though it was really hot since it was middle of August when I was there.    There were so many names on the wall and lots of folks visiting.   I was not scared a bit and loved standing outside the wall watching folks pose for pictures.   I heard on the news this morning that 20,000 + folks were at the candlelight vigil last night – that is amazing!

Some Elvis facts:

  • 2011 marks the 34th anniversary of his death
  • 2011 also marks the 55th anniversary of the release of his first 2 albums.
  • His first hit single “Heartbreak Hotel” was released in 1956
  • He is the best-selling solo artist in the history of popular music
  • Graceland was opened to the public in 1982
  • Graceland became a national landmark in 2006
  • Graceland is the 2nd most visited house in the United States (White House is #1)
  • The first year of his musical career Elvis sold 10 million singles and 800,000 LPs (albums)
  • Elvis was actually born in Tupelo Mississippi
  • Elvis moved to Memphis when he was 13 years old
  • Elvis began his career at Sun Studio home of Sun Records in Memphis (still operating)

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